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Aug. 4th, 2008



Missouri primary picks

I've done some research and posted my Missouri Democratic primary picks over on my journal. If you're not sure who to vote for on Tuesday, please feel free to come take a look. I have included links to all the candidates' campaign websites that I could find, so you can do some of your own research, too.


May. 3rd, 2008

Landscapes :: Full moon over water


Spread the word..

WaterPartner International

Your vote can help 200 people get safe water

Message from Gary White, WaterPartners Co-founder and Executive Director

Dear water partner,

We need your vote. Five minutes out of your day could help WaterPartners bring safe drinking water to 200 people in need. It's as simple as casting your vote.

Judges from Ashoka's Changemakers competition "Tapping Local Innovation: Unclogging the Water and Sanitation Crisis" have selected WaterPartners as a contest finalist out of 265 participating innovations from 54 countries. Three winners will be declared by popular vote, and each winner will receive $5,000.

For $25, WaterPartners can provide a child with access to safe drinking water for life. That means the prize money would allow WaterPartners to transform the lives of 200 people forever with the gift of safe water.

But we can't do it without you.

Voting has begun and takes place until May 9th on the Ashoka's Changemakers website at: www.changemakers.net/competition/waterandsanitation. I urge you to cast your vote today and to rally your friends to do the same. Each vote matters! As an eCommunity member, we're counting on you to help us spread the word.

Thank you for joining me in making safe drinking water and sanitation a reality for those in need. Together, we can make all the difference.


Gary White
Executive Director
WaterPartners International

Voting Directions

  1. Register and create your profile on the site. Note: The information you enter when registering for the Changemakers contest will not be used by Ashoka for purposes outside of the competition: www.changemakers.net/legal.
  2. Login at the Changemakers website.
  3. Go to the competitions page.
  4. Select your top three competition entries and submit your votes. You must vote for three finalists to be valid.
  5. Optional: Comment in the discussion; offer your ideas, insights and support; query any of the entries for more information or clarification.

Spread the word

Ask your friends to join you in voting. Post a notice on your mySpace, Facebook or other social networking site. Talk about it over lunch with coworkers. Send a group email. Each vote counts. You can copy and paste the button below into the body of an email, or embed it in your website or blog. You can also link to an online verion of this email, WaterPartners Needs your Vote.

Forward this email to your friends. Save a life, Donate Online today.

Sign-up for WaterPartners' eNewsletters.

Click here to update your contact information.

WaterPartners International
2405 Grand Blvd., Ste. 860
Kansas City , MO 64108 USA

Phone (913) 312-8600
Email Us - info@water.org

Privacy Policy

Mar. 26th, 2008

pictures of you.


Midwest Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute-- All Expenses Paid!

This looks neat. Is anyone going?

Read more...Collapse )

Mar. 19th, 2008

Keyboard Monkey


Iraq War Deomonstrations

Today is the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. There are several vigils being held tonight to protest the United States' continued occupation of Iraq.

Mission - 47th & Roe

Kansas City - 47th & Main

Kansas City - 62nd Terrace & Woodson Road

Blues Springs - Kingsridge Neighborhood

All vigils begin at 7.00pm. See MoveOn.Org for more information.

Thank you.

Crossposted to kansascity.

Feb. 3rd, 2008

coffee 2


to vote

I had someone ask me if, on this "super tuesday", Feb 5th, they would go to vote at the normal place they usually go to, and for a moment, I wasn't sure.

So, I'm passing along this link (and it actually took me a good while to find it, which is kind of scary):


From there, you should be able to find where you can go vote at, on Tuesday, and if needed, how you can register to vote.

EDIT: I've been told by a county clerk this morning, that this page doesn't seem to be working. So using the list of county clerks for election officials found here:

I called to double check my polling area. She couldn't find me by my first and last name, and had to use my voter id number to find it.

Jan. 2nd, 2008


(no subject)

Kucinich Asks Supporters To Back Obama
by The Associated Press

Posted: January 2, 2008 - 8:00 am ET

(Des Moines, Iowa) Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich on Tuesday asked his supporters to make rival Barack Obama their second choice if he doesn't meet a cutoff point for voting in Iowa's caucuses.

Kucinich, an Ohio congressman at the back of the pack of Democratic hopefuls, seemed to concede a loss in the caucuses. He said his recommendation was for "Iowa only."

"Senator Obama and I are competing in the New Hampshire primary next Tuesday, where I want to be the first choice of New Hampshire voters," Kucinich said in a statement.

Candidates in Thursday night's caucuses must reach a level of support in each of the state's 1,781 precincts - typically 15 percent of those who attend. Candidates who fail to meet that aren't considered viable, and their supporters can move to another candidate or go home.

"I hope Iowans will caucus for me as their first choice ... because of my singular positions on the war, on health care and trade," Kucinich said. "But in those caucus locations where my support doesn't reach the necessary threshold, I strongly encourage all of my supporters to make Barack Obama their second choice."

Obama thanked Kucinich for the recommendation.

"I have a lot of respect for Congressman Kucinich, and I'm honored that he has done this because we both believe deeply in the need for fundamental change," the Illinois senator said in a statement.

He said he and Kucinich have fought for some of the same priorities, including ending the war in Iraq, reforming Washington and creating a better life for working families.

Nov. 27th, 2007




Any Phill Kline fans in the house?

Check this out: KCTV5 ran an investigation on his work habits.

Oct. 31st, 2007


from Feministing...

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt has put an anti-choice group in charge of convening a task force in his name to investigate the "impact of abortion on women." Of course, every member of the task force is anti-choice. I'm sure this will be an "objective overview of the impact of abortion."

The forced-pregnancy movement uses tactics like this -- bullshit committees stacked with anti-choicers and testimony from biased "experts" -- to introduce inaccurate or slanted information about abortion into the public record, which can be used to prop up anti-choice legislation and legal decisions. So trust me, these task forces are a big deal.

A good example: South Dakota's task force on abortion was a major factor in the state's abortion ban (which voters overturned last year). State lawmakers used the commission's biased "findings" (over which the only two pro-choice members of the task force quit in protest) to form the basis of the legislation that not only criminalized abortion, but used the "daddy knows best" language that's the hallmark of the anti-choice movement.

So don't you just love how the Associated Press says "Gov. Matt Blunt, an abortion opponent, has launched the state on a scientific quest to determine how abortions affect women," then goes on to use this quote:

“I certainly would begin with the presumption that abortion has a negative impact on Missouri children, Missouri women, Missouri men, because it’s harmful to society,” Blunt said.

Sure sounds like a "scientific quest" to me. Stay tuned for the task force's completely biased findings, and the terrible legislation that is likely to result.

Jul. 27th, 2007



KC Artist LINC

Thought KC Artist LINC might be of interest to some of you. LINC (for Leveraging INvestments in Creativity) is a system that provides a network for artists of all disciplines, giving them access to everything from health insurance to collaborators in major artwork. It's an ambitious concept whose time is well past nigh, so seeing one come to Kansas City is all for the good.

Here's the flyerCollapse )

May. 10th, 2007


Parenting Classes?

Any non-religious parenting classes in the city?

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