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9:35AM:  MSNBC reports that there have already been problems in Kansas City, Missouri due to some voter rolls being delivered to the wrong polling places.  No word yet on how this problem is being handled or when it will be fixed.

12:55PM:   All polling places have received the correct voter rolls after getting the wrong ones once or even twice.  Short lines have been reported across the area.




I live three blocks from my polling place. Amazingly, after taking off at 6:00, I arrived at 6:15 a.m. - 15 minutes due to the insanely long line of cars trying to get there!

Once I was out of hte car, found the line wrapped all the way around the building up at Northland Cathedral! To be fair, this church is home to five or six precincts - which explains a lot about the insane crowding.

Luckily, the line moved fast. It took me about 20 minutes to get into the building, and once I was in, another 5 to vote. Not too bad.

It took another 20 minutes to wait in the line of cars to get OUT of the church - bringing the total to just about an hour spent on my voting experience. Honestly? Still better than I expected.
i just got back from voting at the big brother big sisters location and had absolutely no problems! Maybe 45 minutes total, including walking time to/from 41st and Main.
I'm in one of those precincts that had the wrong election rolls. Then apparently they got a second set of rolls that were also wrong. The third set were finally correct. Voting didn't begin until 8am. I got there at 8:20am and voted around 10am. The line was significantly shorter when I finished, though. They're trying to get a judge to extend the voting hours (but personally, I don't think that would happen because the line has died down).
I got to my Westport polling location at around 10am. Spent about 15-20 minutes in line. People were foregoing the wait for a privacy booth, they took their ballots and filled them out against the wall or sitting on the floor.

When I drove by an hour later there wasn't much of a line anymore.