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oberongeiger in kc_progressives


McCain's camp is up with a new commercial. It accuses Obama's team of "false, misleading attacks" against Palin... even though they've pointedly made no attacks and in fact condemned attacks against her, something underlined by the fact that when the McCain campaign was asked to cite specific attacks Obama's group has made against Palin, they had no response. It compares Obama to a wolf stalking in the woods, showing dark footage of same, and cites FactCheck.org as saying that many of the attacks against Palin online are false... but then it bullshits and spins and ties those attacks to Democrats somehow, and completely avoids the many, MUCH more evidence on FactCheck.org for all the things Palin has lied outright about in every single one of her identical speeches. They COUNT on America's ignorance and stupidity. They trust you not to look at the web site they cite, because they know you're too stupid.

It says that "As Obama falls, he'll try to destroy her" in regards to Palin. It's a brilliant strategy because if he even tries to counter with the facts, now he'll be playing right into what they just announced.

And of course, if I know the Obama campaign, I know they won't issue any kind of response ad or even try to defend themselves or point out the truth and illustrate the lies. They'll throw the campaign and let themselves get bowled over with lies, just like John Kerry did.

I'm so disgusted right now there are no words.


I know exactly how you feel. If McCain wins this election, I will pretty much loose what little hope I have for the United States.